About Us


Our motto is GOD CAN.

Our church is full of people with stories of how they have reached the end of what they can accomplish on their own, and have found that GOD CAN in the midst of their struggles. We believe you will experience that too.

God Can
Next Gen

This is a place for you no matter where you are on your faith journey.

Whether you’re questioning if God is real or you have already experienced God’s redemption personally, we hope you find yourself at home here and see how GOD CAN change your life. When you’re here, you will be encouraged through Biblical truth taught with clarity and love.

God Can

We value the next generation.

Our focus is to resource families at Gold Creek - supporting you in raising your kids from birth to adulthood.

Next Gen

We love our neighborhood!

We are a church that lives to share the love and hope of Jesus with those in our community. We are a safe space for anyone who comes through our doors and we strive to be a reflection of those in our community.